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ASSIST Recess Enhancement

Structured recess sports/activities program

The ASSIST Team specializes in Recess enhancement in elementary schools serving grades Kindergarten to eighth grade. Coaches facilitate a safe, inclusive, promoting, and opportunist environment for all students to gain knowledge in all grass and blacktop sports. While ASSISTing in the rules and regulations of activities/games/sports, coaches highlight positive behavior, use correction tools to promote good actions and most of all have coachable moments in real time! These conflict resolution resources ASSIST in a reduction in bullying, verbal conflicts, physical conflicts, office visits, referrals, and suspensions. ASSIST aims to increase school climate with ASSIST Leadership bands based on sites character traits and students ability to go back to class to LEARN! With our proprietary curriculum focusing on physical fitness, social emotional learning (SEL), Character education and STEAM concepts we provide education in an unstructured and non educational time! Call or email to set up your schools free demo & assembly today!

ASSIST Academy

Expanded Learning Provider in after school, providing meal, homework help, and visual & performing arts

ASSIST Academy is an after school expanded learning provider that creates what administrators wish for in their sites after school setting: AN EXPERIENCE! Students will be given ample support in Homework ASSISTance, ASSIST history explorers, Lego construction, ASSIST coding, ASSIST Spanish, ASSIST FAN club and ASSIST visual and preforming arts. With a nutritious meal and recess time, students are supported mentally and physically. With our connection to schools during the day, we can bridge the gap and provide the necessary messages and verbiage used and upholding the same rules and regulations. Call or email today to discuss The ASSIST Academy and how to bring it to your school site!


Fitness and Nutrition during after school enrichment & Physical Education

ASSIST Fan (Fitness and Nutrition) is our in-house physical education and after school enrichment program used by sites and ASES partners. Coaches take assigned classes per session and provide our proprietary curriculum focusing on all aspects of physical fitness and nutrition and engaging in a fully educational process for students based on grade level. ASSIST follows California state standards to ensure students are meeting and exceeding requirements. Call or email to bring ASSIST Physical Education or ASSIST FAN club to your school!

ASSIST Intramural Sports

Parent enrolled/licensing model of basketball, flag football, soccer, volleyball, baseball

ASSIST Intramural Sports is a recreational skill building and character education program in the after school setting. Students sign up for 12 week intervals with each interval having a different sport and topic. Do you want your students to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility, perseverance and a host of other amazing traits needed to be a community leader and role model? Call or email to bring ASSIST intramural to your school!


Yard supervisor staffing during recess & lunch

Having reliable, qualified, trained, and most importantly an influential adult on campus to supervise recesses and lunch is tough! From call in’s to no shows it adds stress to teachers, administrators and most of all students. ASSIST Champs to the rescue! We hire, train, staff, and facilitate all the Champs needed for your school site. Say goodbye to the unreliability and unknown and say hello to ASSIST Champs! Call or email for more information

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